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by admin December 23, 2021

Roku Screen Keeps Freezing / Cutting Out/ Have to Sound without Picture:

Usually, the Roku devices are user-friendly and deliver a diverse selection of entertainment channels. Although the Roku is an excellent streaming service, some people report screen problems.

If your Roku screen is freezing, then you might need a software update. But, if the Roku TV’s display is the issue, then you have to confirm that you have the current input selected.

This article is about why your Roku screen isn’t working currently and how you can fix it without replacing your TV.

Roku Screen Freezes/Keeps Freezing:

Your Roku device can freeze for several reasons, but these are the common explanations are:

  • Channel Malfunction
  • Outdated Software
  • Congested Cache

If the issue is related to an app or channel, then we suggest you uninstall and reinstall the software.

However, if your Roku seems unresponsive when you open the menu, it may be your memory is full. You should delete any unused channels or apps to increase the device’s storage capacity.

How to Upgrade Roku Device Manually:

If you are using outdated software, that could be another reason why your Roku is freezing. The updates are often to address any software glitches. Still, if the system can ignore the patches due to poor internet links. You can also manually upgrade the Roku unit by following these simple instructions below:

  • You have to press the Home button on your remote control.
  • Then, you have to select the Settings and navigate to the System.
  • You have to select the System Update option.
  • Then, choose Check Now. If there is an update available for your device, then you should update.

How to Clear a Roku’s Cache:

You should also clear your cache by performing a soft reboot. It will clear the temporary data and reset your memory. Clearing the cache might solve the problem you are facing right now. You can easily restart your Roku by following these simple instructions below:

  • You must have to disconnect the power cable. But, if you are using a Streaming Stick, then you should unplug it from the HDMI port.
  • Then, you have to leave the device disconnected at least for one minute.
  • After that, simply reconnect the power.

Roku Picture Cuts Out:

If the Roku image cuts out continuously, then the resolution on your TV might be the reason. This problem occurs mostly when the user’s Roku units are at the 1080p settings. In order to fix the problem, you just have to change the resolution from 720p to 480p.

But those who have the 1080p display can consider a factory reset before disabling the auto-refresh function.

How to Factory Reset Your Roku:

In order to factory reset your Roku device, then you have to follow these simple instructions below:

  • Firstly, you have to press the Home button from your Roku remote.
  • Then, navigate to the menu bar and choose the Settings option.
  • You have to press the OK on your remote control.
  • After that, you have to select the System and then choose Advanced System Confirmation.
  • Then, you just have to scroll to the Factory Reset option.
  • You have to confirm that you want to do a factory reset. Simply allow the Roku to complete to reset process before unplugging the power cable again.

After that, you can disable the auto-adjust mechanism by following these easy instructions below:

  • You have to navigate to the confirmation menu and choose the Advanced System Settings.
  • Then, scroll to the Advanced Display Settings and select it.
  • You have to go to the Auto adjust Display Refresh Rate and disable it.

Roku Has Sound But No Picture:

If your Roku device has sound but no picture, then the problem might be on the HDMI cable. You should replace the cable with a different line and check for improvements. However, the HDMI cables are rarely defective, so it is worth attempting before going on to further troubleshooting.

After replacing the connection, simply switch to a different HDMI socket, it might solve your problem.

If the above-mentioned processes are not working, try attaching your Roku system to another TV. From there you can determine if the issue is with your device or your monitor.

Once you confirm that the problem is with your Roku system, then you can perform a factory reset of your Roku by using the pinhole. You just have to hold the reset switch for 10 seconds and your machine begins the reset phase.

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Roku Keep Losing Picture:

In case, your Roku picture keeps disappearing, then this could also be the reason for your HDMI link. Roku 4K devices require an HDCP 2.2 certificated HDMI cable to function properly. We also recommend replacing your HDMI cable with a new HDCP-approved wire.

Or verify that you have successfully disabled the auto-adjust Disney Refresh Rate.

If none of these methods work, then try changing the screen size on your Roku device. Selecting the widescreen alternative resolves this issue for most users.

In order to do this, you have to follow these simple:

  • Firstly, go to the Settings menu by pressing the Start key.
  • Or, you can simply navigate to the Settings menu by clicking the Home button and then the arrow key.
  • Then, you have to select the Picture Size and choose the Widescreen with the arrow keys.

Roku Has No Picture/ Not Displaying Picture:

If you cannot watch the picture on your Roku television, make sure that the television is on and that the device is not in standby mode. If the LED light on your TV is blinking, that means the TV is on.

Once you verify that the system is on, then you can restart the television. On most of the versions, you will get the power button under the TCL emblem or rear. After that, detach the power cable for around 30 seconds to see if it helps.

If the issue is still not fixed, then you have to boot your unit into recover mode. This is the most instructive way of resetting your Roku television. However, you should only use this, if the other approaches do not restore the regular operations.

After you successfully activate the Recover Mode, you have to reinstall the operating system from Roku servers or a USB flash drive. Also, you will need your unit to restore its previous settings.

How to Enter Recover Mode on Roku Device:

In order to activate the Recover Mode, you have to follow these steps below:

  • Firstly, you will get a pinhole reset switch on the back of your television.
  • You have to hold the button for at least 20 seconds using a pointed tool.
  • Choose your spoken language using the directional pad on your Roku TV remote and select the OK option.
  • Then, you have to link to your home network by following the on-screen instruction.
  • After that, you just have to select the Update Now option.

Then, it will restart and hopefully restore the image. It will only work if the unit displays anything at all. Otherwise, you can contact the Roku service agent and request assistance.

Roku Contact Info:

If you have anything know about Roku, then you can visit their contact page at

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