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by admin July 22, 2021
Sears Credit Card

Sears Credit Card Activation & Account Login Online :

Whether you have a Sears Shop Your Way MasterCard, Thank You, Sears Charge Plus, or any other Sears Credit Card, you can create an account and activate your new card online. It is one of the easiest and most convenient ways of activation that you can perform at the comfort of your home or anywhere through the internet. Plus, the online account gives you the convenience of managing your Sears Card at any time across the world.

How to Activate Sears Credit Card Online :

After the approval when you receive your new Sears Credit Card in the mail, you will need to activate the card as soon as possible. For beginning the activation, keep the mailer containing the card and welcome material near you, open a web browser from your computer or mobile device, and follow the steps right below.

  • Visit the Sears Card Activation Web portal at
  • Enter the Card Number from your Sears Credit Card in its field on the ‘Create Your Account’ box on the left-hand side of the page.

sears mastercard activation

  • Click the “Continue” button to proceed with the login setup process.

Once your online profile is created, you can activate your Sears Credit Card. Just go to the ‘activate a card’ section in your Sears Credit Card online account. Provide the requested details and follow the instructions on your screen. At the end of the procedure, you will receive a message stating that your card is successfully activated. Then, you can start using the card and take benefits of all of your Sears Credit Card features.

How to Create Sears Credit Card Online Account without the Card :

If you do not have your Sears Credit Card at the time of activation, you can still set up your online access and activate the card. For that, you must know the details of your Sears Credit Card Account to confirm your identity as an authorized account holder. To create your Sears Credit Card Online Account without the card, you can

  • Go to the same Sears Card Activation Page at
  • Select the “I don’t have my card on hand >” link found under the ‘Continue’ button.
  • Enter the Name exactly it appears on your Sears Card in the first field.
  • Input the Social Security Number of the Primary Cardholder followed by the Phone Number in the next two fields.
  • Choose your preference between Text Massage for mobile-only and Phone Calls to get an identification code.
  • Check the box below it to agree to receive a telephone call, text message, or voice message at your selected number for verification purposes.
  • Click on the “Send Code” button to get the verification code.

Once the system confirms it is you, you will have the option to choose a username and password for your Sears Card Online Account.

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How to Log In Sears Credit Card Online Account :

The Sears Credit Cardmembers who have activated their new card online are already registered for online access to that card account. If you are one of those cardholders, you have also created your Sears Card online account during the activation. For logging in to that account to manage your card virtually from anywhere you can take the following steps. The existing Sears Credit Cardholder with online access can also log in to their account in this way.


Click on the “Sign On” button from the top right corner of the page. You will be directed to Sears Card Login Portal.

  • Entering the designated page, enter the User ID that you created during your Sears Card activation or Online Account registration in the first field of the Sign-On box on the left of the screen.
  • Check the “Remember My User ID” box to save the info on the device you are using currently so that you can speed up the login process next time.
  • Enter the linked Password in the last field and hit the “Sign On” button.

Now, you will be into your Sears Card Account to manage the card online. Like you can view the card details, edit your personal information, pay bills, set alerts and notifications, check the transactions history, enroll in e-statements, and many more.

How to Recover Sears Card Account Login Online :

Have any problem to log into your Sears Card Online Account? Or, have forgotten the login credentials? If so, you can recover or reset the information and get back to your account access. To initiate the recovery procedure, click on the “Retrieve User ID” or “Reset Password”, whichever your need. Then, submit the following information to verify your information.

  • Name as appear on the Card
  • Last 4 digits of the Primary Cardholder’s SSN
  • And Phone Number

If you have your Sears Credit card with you, you may input the Card Number and Security Code for password resetting. Click the “Verify” button to find your User ID or create a new password to log in to your Sears Card Online Account.

Make a note that for security and protecting your identity, Citi recommends you to change your password every 60 to 90 days. Just go to the User ID and Password section underneath your User Profile by logging in to your Sears Card Online Account. Update the password and save.

Sears Credit Card Customer Service :

Sears Card Online Activation & Account Login Customer Service Number: 1-800-917-7700

Technical Assistance Support Number: 1-800-815-7701

Mailing Address

Sears Private Label General Inquiries
P.O. Box 6282

Sioux Falls, SD 57117-6286

Reference :

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